About Us

Robust PFT Mission Statement

Our mission has been to create an exceptional company with a singular focus on simplifying the physical fitness data collection process for school districts in the state of California.

As Physical Educators, many of us fill out scantrons for each of our students as a method to collect physical fitness data (Mile run, push-ups, curl-ups, trunk lift, BMI, Shoulder stretch) for our district. Having to fill out and bubble a scantron for each student is very time-consuming and tiring on your hands. We saw the need to create something that was easier than filling out scantrons.

Robust PFT began by creating an excel spreadsheet that teachers could use to input physical fitness data and allowed the teacher to see what students were passing and failing. We then contracted a web application company to take the same idea from the excel spreadsheet and turn it into a web application. After 8 years of hard work in putting this web application together, we have a web application that any Physical Education teacher in the state of California is able to use, if their district creates an account with Robust PFT.