Our System

Our Specialty

Robust PFT specializes in online data collection and evaluation of physical fitness data for students. Our online application is specifically designed to facilitate the collection of data for PFT coordinators and physical education teachers.

System Design

Robust PFT’s unique online application was designed by an elementary school physical education teacher. As an instructor himself, he understood the challenges teachers faced annually when having to gather PFT data from students. Having those challenges in mind, Robust PFT’s creator constructed a powerful web application that makes testing  simple for school districts.

Generate Reports

Our online application gathers student fitness data and generates student, class-wide, and district-wide reports. The reporting component helps educators  report and track student physical fitness data from their classes as well as meet annual reporting requirements set by the state of California.

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Data Validation at its Best!

Robust PFT produces a fully validated tab-delimited file that can be uploaded to the state of California with just a click of a button. Our system includes powerful validation components that capture any errors when student demographics data is being uploaded from the coordinator account. The teacher’s account also has a similar validation component that is triggered when physical fitness scores are entered incorrectly.

Robust PFT System

~Import/export student data to make reporting easy.
~Powerful data validation to eliminate errors.
~Download parent reports by student, class, or school.
~System is SSL secured.
~Daily backups.

PFT Coordinator Account

Main administrative account to manage teachers, student data, create datelines for data to be submitted, view live results for districts & schools.

PFT Teacher Account

Allows teachers to easily enter fitness scores, view students with missing data, know what students are passing and failing, download parent reports by student or by class to print and send home.